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Did you want to come watch your friends or family get their new tattoo, but had to stay home with the kids or had to work. Rest assured we got your back, watch us live on Twitch. Feel free to chat with us during the whole experience. 

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Changing The World One Tattoo At A Time. 



12pm to 10pm

Early Appointments Starting at 8am

Walk Ins ALWAYS Welcome


INK THERAPY 101 is one of the most unique tattoo studios in Evansville. At Ink Therapy 101 we offer ink therapy as well as muscle therapy thru massage. While you wait for your tattoo why not enjoy some you time.

Healed Picture 

Custom Tattoo Design

If you have ideas, concepts, or just the early stages of ideas. Let us sit down and put your thoughts to paper.

At INK THERAPY 101 we take pride in being knowledgeable in the most up to date tattoo aftercare techniques and application. Before, during, and after your tattoo, I will explain in detail the proper and best ways to care for your work of art.



Got questions? I have answers. Get in touch today.


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