~Award winning~


Over the years I have honed my technique and application process allowing the tattoo to have less trauma and irritation, reducing heal time to nearly half!

I have made it my duty to stay up to date on all the latest aftercare procedures. In doing so I have found a way to allow your tattoo to 

heal both fast and effortlessly.

Throughout my career as an artist, I paid attention to what the clients

said both "Negative and Positive". I realized that there was two Major

Complaints that kept recurring.

1.) Customer Service

2.) Affordable Prices

When I opened Ink Therapy 101, I wanted to stand out among the rest!

When you choose your tattoo design or concept, It means a lot to you.

So, I designed my  studio in a way that I can give you my full attention.

Ink Therapy 101 is more like going to a Spa to get pampered.

Most of my appointments are 8hr day sessions from 12-8.

At my Studio I want you to be in your Zone!! 

After all, You are the one getting the tattoo. 

So, you choose the music and t.v.

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