Sound wave tattoos require a consultation. A lot of times I have to edit the audio file and sometimes trim, clip, and splice some audio files. 

They also require an activation fee for the first year, Then after that a once a year payment. I understand this is different. You are probably thinking to your self why should I have to pay a yearly fee for my tattoo. Sound Wave tattoos are next level tattoos. Let's say your father passes away, and you are left with only memories of him. Then you stumble across an old voice mail or home video. In the audio he is saying " I love you" I take that and make a sound wave pattern and tattoo it on you. Then I summit it to the company and along with a picture of the new Sound Wave tattoo you just got. Then you download their app called Skin Motion. After activation which takes around 24 to 48 hours, you scan your tattoo and it plays the audio. Amazing right.. 

Further more with the right artist your sound wave doesn't just have to be a black sound wave tattoo. It can be a negative space inside of a heart, or I can put it inside a cancer ribbon. 

If this seems like something you'd want as a memorial tattoo or just your kids saying "I love you mommy" then call me or set up a consultation today. Hope to hear from you soon. 

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